Iraq: details on US attack against civil resistance leader

From the Iraq Freedom Congress (IFC), July 4:

The US Special Forces attack the head of Safety Force, Abd-alhussien Sadam;
opened fire at him and his daughter

A US special unit escorted by Iraqi national guards had attacked the house of the head of the IFC Safety Force on July 4, 2007 at 3:00 AM. The unit began its raid by opening fire and [throwing] grenades on the house causing, severe injuries to Abd-alhussien Sadam and his daughter. The attackers soon kidnapped Sadam but left his girl bleeding on the floor.

This attempt was the fourth of its kind in attacking IFC to prevent it from escalating the struggle against the occupation and its heinous crimes. This cowardly attack by the US forces and their agents in Iraq comes as a result of Bush’s new policy of suppressing all political opponents—as well as the emergence of the IFC as a major power that aims to boot out the occupation and denounces all kinds of sectarianism by raising the slogan of “No Shiite, No Sunni—ours is a human identity and the occupation is the enemy of humanity.”

The US criminal administration that unleashed the sectarian gangs, ignited civil war, transformed Iraq into an arena for settling accounts and a breeding ground for gangs and sectarian groups to kill and loot, attempts to eliminate forces like IFC that aim to restore security, safety, freedom, and prosperity. They well know that such a force will jeopardize the presence of the occupation and threatens to undermine its determination and prestige.

While condemning this cowardly attack in the stealth of night, IFC pledges that it will not let pass such barbaric practices without appropriate response.

IFC makes an appeal to the libertarian forces in the world to condemn these acts which are contrary to human rights—demand the US forces release Abdel-Hussein Saddam and desist from their heinous crimes. At the same time we declare once again that these acts will not stop the wheel of progress in the IFC [campaign] to expel the occupation.

Down with occupation

Long live IFC

July 4, 2007

Amjad Al-Jawhary

Iraq Freedom Congress

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