Iraq: civil resistance repudiates sectarian cleansing

Received from the Iraq Freedom Congress:

Lets Make Zaafaranyia a Safe and Peaceful Town

For decades, people in the town of Saafaranyia, like all other Iraqi cities lived together in peace away from any kind of hatred and it was an example for humanism and peace. Recently criminal hands have reached this town trying to destabilize it using sectarian incite which rip the society into pieces and turn cities to a front for sectarian fight. Recently many leaflets have been distributed threatening families, ordering them to leave their houses.

The Iraq Freedom Congress strongly condemns these repugnant acts and calls upon the people of Saafaranyia of all backgrounds to form committees to defend themselves against these acts, protect the lives of the residents of this town and prevent turning it to a battle ground for sectarian fighting.

Not taking stand against these acts will only encourage those behind them and you will be the victims of these conflicts. Therefore the time has arrived to stand against anyone who divides people on basis of sect, ethnicity, race and sex. Without doubt these are artificial divisions aimed at striping you of your human nature and identity.

Do not tolerate or get embroil in these acts. Be an example for humane coexisting, love and peace which are the basis of security and safe feeling. Do not let them shed your blood and turn you to fuel for sectarianism, which will only cause death, destruction and regret.

Lets stand united under the banner of humanism and peace, the banner of the Iraq Freedom Congress

No to the occupation, no to sectarianism!

Long live the free will of people of Zaafaranyia

Iraq Freedom Congress

Zaafaranyia branch/Baghdad

August 1,2006

A small idea of what is going on in Zaafaranyia, from Reuters, July 29:

BAGHDAD – Four mortar round hit a Sunni mosque in Zafaraniya on the southern edge of Baghdad, killing four worshippers and wounding six others, interior ministry sources said.

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