Iraq: civil resistance rejects Baghdad wall

From the Iraq Freedom Congress (IFC), April 27:

The Discriminatory Wall of Adamya Must be Abolished Immediately

In an unprecedented action in the history of Iraq, the U.S.-led occupying troops have begun the building of a wall made of concrete to separate the district of Adamya from neighboring districts on a pretext of stopping the terrorist activities. The Prime Minister, Nouri Almailki, even went further to say that the wall aims to protect the residents of the district from violence.

In fact, this act has nothing to do with the terrorist activities nor can it stop these acts. The roots of terrorism cannot be cut off by building a wall. Terrorists were able to penetrate and blow up the Parliament building recently despite the intensive security plan.

The occupiers attempt to hide the truth about the main reason of terrorism which is the occupation and its entire political process.

This wall is similar to the Israeli one that aimed to “stop the terrorist activities of Palestinians.” Just as the wall couldn’t protect Israel, to the same degree it won’t protect the sectarian and discriminating government of Iraq because both parties refuse to acknowledge the reason for the violence.

Putting up barricades is a terrorist act against people that have lived for centuries in love and harmony. This wall is a mass revenge against the residents of the district similar to the Israeli government’s action against the civilians of Palestine. No one who has the least degree of humanity would like to see children sneaking through the wall to attend school. It is an absolutely reckless move that endangers the lives of tens of thousands of residents of the district.

This act will destroy all essential habits of people that have been practiced for thousands of years; it will make the city look like the Gaza Strip. It will impose the climate of fear and war over the people. It will transform the people into potential fuel for any upcoming war. It will put people in situations where they can easily be blackmailed, falsely accused, or used for revenge. The consequences of this wall will be so far removed to be traced. In brief, the people of Adamya will be considered second degree citizens.

The occupiers will replicate this action in all hot spots and will transform the country into ghettos where suspicion and fear will dominate the people. Keeping silent on this ugly action will give the government the strength to go ahead and apply it everywhere in the country.

As Iraq Freedom Congress vigorously condemns this dangerous unprecedented act it demands the occupiers and its puppet government to discontinue building the wall and demolish it. IFC also calls on all humanitarian and libertarian forces around the world to condemn this act and put the U.S. administration under pressure to stop this oppressive policy.

Iraq Freedom Congress
April 23, 2007

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