Iraq: civil resistance protests “sexual cleansing”

From the Iraq Freedom Congress (IFC), March 8:

On the 8th of March This Year…
“No to Women Killing… No to the Gangs Who Promote Sexual Cleansing…
Yes to an Iraq that is Free of Women Haters”

The 8th of March is the International Women’s Day, on which the voices are lauding and protests against sexual discrimination are widening every day even in the most developed countries. In Iraq however, the discrimination against women has reached to a degree of sexual cleansing carried out by sectarian militias linked to the regime of mullahs in Iran and groups of Al Qaeda. These groups have committed the most heinous crimes against humanity, and women in particular to the extent of sexual genocide in the cities of Basra, Baghdad, Mosul and Diyala.

It is the occupation that turned a blind eye to all of their work to implement the hellish agenda in Iraq and unleashed these gangs to do whatever they want without any deterrent.

Added to the occupation crimes and terrorist groups that capture innocent civilians in areas far from the battle ground; sexual cleansing along with the sectarian cleansing have become the nightmare that hangs over Iraqi society today.

These gangs attempt to have an Iraq that is free of women and humanity. The silence on their crimes means surrendering Iraq and the present and future of our generations to these criminals. The killers of women are the same gangs who have killed thousands of innocent people because of their religious background…

Iraq Freedom Congress take this opportunity to congratulate all women around the world in the International Women’s Day, also calls upon women and freedom loving forces to unite to stand against these gangs.

Iraq Freedom Congress stands at the forefront of the struggle to expel these bandits from Iraq.

The campaign of “No Shiite . No Sunni… ours is humane identity” appeals to all freedom loving in Iraq and the world to raise the banner of “No to women killing… No to gangs who promote for sexual cleansing… Yes to an Iraq that is free of women haters”

Iraq Freedom Congress

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