Iraq: bombs in Baghdad; mass grave in Samarra

At least 23 were killed and dozens were wounded March 3 when two car bombs, including one driven by a suicide attacker, blew up in Baghdad. In the suicide attack, a man drove a minibus into the headquarters of the Interior Ministry’s 4th Brigade, a special quick reaction force based in Baghdad’s eastern Zayouna neighborhood. The blast killed at least two police officers and wounded six others. One day earlier, the US military said its soldiers discovered 14 bodies in a mass grave south of the city of Samarra. The military said all the victims had their hands tied behind their backs and had been shot in the head — execution style. “Coalition and Iraqi forces believe al-Qaida in Iraq is responsible for these murders. The victims are believed to have been members of Iraqi security forces or Sons of Iraq,” a military announcement said. Sons of Iraq is US-funded Sunni militia now fighting al-Qaeda. (AP, March 3)

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