Iranian solidarity with Oaxaca

Received via Chiapas95, Jan. 16:

My name is Bina Darabzand. From Tehran, Iran. I run a Leftist Site, in persian language for the Iranian “Radical Left” Young Student movement in Iran. We only heard of Oaxaca Movement after Brad Will was killed. Since, I have tried to keep my readers up to date with the events &analysis by giving sum-ups of Narco News, Indymedia & Prensa Latina reports & few Translations of Speeches & Texts. I have joined your group with hopes of better serving my readers & possibility of taking some actions in support of the Oaxaca Movement & APPO. Ofcourse you know that in Iran we are limited in actions we can take.

Thank you all,
Bina Darabzand
Editor of Salaam Democrat

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