Iranian left-opposition speaks on UN sanctions

From Ali Javadi of the Worker-Communist Party of Iran, Jan. 1:

A Step toward a Dark Future!

The UN Security Council has unanimously voted on a resolution to impose a series of political and economical sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran. According to this resolution, the export of Commodities and materials with dual use in Uranium enrichment, production of heavy water and also missile production will be prohibited. In addition, the resolution has given a 60 day notice to the Islamic regime to comply with the resolution to halt Uranium enrichment, otherwise heavier economic sanctions will be imposed. The United States government demands unilateral sanctions against Islamic regime in Iran. Ahmadinejad, in response has announced that the Islamic regime will continue its nuclear enrichment programme and will soon have 3,000 centrifuges for production. Real and serious dangers threaten the society and people!

The resolution as it stands now has not targeted the society, the economy or the needs of the people. However, this policy opens a window for more economic sanctions which is an anti humane policy. It is against people. The main victims of economic sanctions are ordinary people. It will exasperate poverty and destitution. This policy must not be allowed to be implemented. The bloody results of the economic sanctions against Iraq are still visible. Three thousands killed every month! Economic sanction itself is a weapon of mass destruction. To stop the Islamic regime from obtaining weapons of mass destruction by resorting to yet another method of mass destruction is nauseating and disgusting.

The Islamic regime must not be equipped with nuclear weapons. An Islamic regime and the totality of the political Islamic movement equipped with nuclear power is a human disaster. Contrary to the propaganda of some sections of the nationalist-Islamists or the “anti Imperialist” left, the Islamic regime should not be allowed to possess nuclear power or weapons. The only right this regime has is its right to be overthrown. It should be overthrown by people. Any “excuse” for the regime to have the “right” to obtain nuclear energy is an attempt to “legitimize” this murderous regime.

It is ironic that the governments approving this resolution are themselves the biggest nuclear countries and possess weapons of mass destruction. The United States has turned hundreds of thousands of people into ashes in a few seconds. This double standard is not acceptable. The governments trying to disarm other countries are themselves in possession of arsenals of nuclear weapons. The truth about their aims lies beyond the propaganda of the two sides.

The US and allies constitute one side of the international terrorism that have taken people hostage for their expansionist and terrorist aims. At the other side stand the Islamic terrorism. The expansion of this conflict, economic sanctions and the probable military invasion will jeopardize the lives of people in the region and the world.

We must stand against this trend. We must organize people to confront economic sanctions and the two sides of the international terrorism. The revolutionary overthrow of the Islamic Republic and the defeat of the US/allies policy of bullying and imposing the New World Order are the two inseparable pillars of an independent, radical and humane policy. Any compromise or alliance with the two poles of the conflict must be disclosed and criticized.

Ali Javadi, Jan. 1, 2006

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