Iranian activists condemn revisionist confab

Another glimmer of hope—or is someone going to rain on our parade by demonstrating that these people are all domesticated neocons or State Department dupes? From the AP, Jan. 19:

NEW YORK – In a statement to be published next week, more than 100 Iranian activists outside that country have condemned its recent conference questioning the Holocaust.

The statement, which began circulating last month, is to be printed next week in The New York Review of Books. The Associated Press recently obtained a copy.

“I thought it was inappropriate to use the Holocaust as a political issue,” Nafisi said. “I thought that Iranians, especially non-Jewish Iranians, had a responsibility to say, ‘Not in my name.'”

The Tehran conference was backed by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has made strident statements against Israel and called the Holocaust a “myth” while seeking to elevate Iran’s profile in the region. Attempts to reach officials with the Iranian government were not immediately successful Thursday evening.

“This is a matter that’s above political dissent,” she said.

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