Iran: workers’ statement against war and sanctions

From the International Alliance in Support of Workers in Iran (IASWI), Feb. 14:

Resolution against the economic sanctions and threat of war on Iran
The International Alliance in Support of Workers in Iran (IASWI) strongly condemns militaristic policies of capitalism. IASWI is a part of the anti-capitalist movement, of the working class global front and the 99% of the world’s population, for a real and enduring peace based on freedom, equality, social and economic justice and the abolition of exploitation.

IASWI strongly condemns the US and its allies’ threat of military intervention and war against Iran. It also condemns the Islamic Republic of Iran’s militaristic method of governance as a cause for intensifying the repression of workers and other toiling sectors in society struggling for their human rights.

Based on a position of working class independence and autonomy, IASWI considers the conflict between US, its allies and the ruling government in Iran capitalistic, repressive and anti- workers in nature. We resolutely oppose all militaristic, destructive, inhuman policies of the US and its allies and seek to continue gathering progressive and working class international support against the totality of the capitalist and anti-worker Islamic Republic of Iran.

IASWI is strongly opposed to the economic sanctions against Iran. These sanctions will result in further expansion of poverty, destitution and unemployment throughout the country. As a result of this policy, there has already been a drastic rise in the prices of goods, scarcity of basic food items and a rise in unemployment. The economic sanctions are primarily a further burden for the working class and poor in Iran, rather than the regime of Islamic Republic.

The economic sanctions and threats of war are nothing but inhuman instruments in the hands of world capitalism against the workers and poor in Iran. The Islamic Republic continues to use the threat of war and policy of economic sanctions as an excuse to further repress workers and disadvantaged people in Iran and intensify fear and intimidation throughout the country.

IASWI calls on all workers’ and progressive movements throughout the world
to raise the banner of class solidarity and:

* Condemn the threats of war and militarization and the economic sanctions pursued by the US and its allies against the people of Iran.

* Support the class-based movement and struggles of workers and toilers in Iran to create their own independent organizations, and achieve freedom of expression, assembly, protest and strike.

* To initiate and support international solidarity campaigns by:

– Condemning the threats of war and economic sanctions against Iran;

– Opposing the Islamic Republic’s repression of workers and people’s struggles in Iran;

– Supporting workers and progressive movements of Iran.

Long live international working class solidarity

International Alliance in Support of Workers in Iran (IASWI)

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