Iran behind Pakistan guerillas?

Nobody’s paying much attention, but Pakistan is on the brink of civil war. Taliban-types have taken power in much of the Northwest Tribal Areas along the Afghan border, while tribespeople in Baluchistan–also along the Afghan border, to the southwest–have launched an insurgency and apparently want to secede. US-Pakistani attempts to hunt down Osama and al-Qaeda elements believed to be hiding in the border region have only inflamed the situation. Now comes a claim that Iran is aiding the Baluch insurgency. Seems unlikely, given the depth of the Shi’ite-Sunni divide (a source of much bloodshed in Pakistan), but it could sure make convenient propaganda for Bush’s new campaign against Iran…

Pakistan assails Iran over growing Baluch insurgency

By Massoud Ansari


KARACHI, Pakistan — Pakistan has blamed Iran for fueling a growing
insurgency in Baluchistan, the strategically sensitive province where
militant tribesmen have launched a series of terrorist attacks in
recent weeks.

Senior government officials say Iran is encouraging
"intruders" from within its own Baluch community to cross the 550-mile
border with the Pakistani province and give support to the rebels.

"All this violence is a part of a greater conspiracy," a
senior Pakistani government official said. "These militants would not
be challenging the government so openly without the backup of a foreign