Indonesia: violence, repression in West Papua

An ambush on a convoy of Indonesia’s elite Mobile Brigade (Brimob) left one officer dead in the restive province of West Papua June 24. The attack in the rugged Puncak Jaya district is the latest in the Tingginambut area, where pro-independence rebels are believed to be active. The attack comes just two weeks before Indonesian presidential elections. The district also saw violence in the lead-up to legislative elections on April 9. (Jakarta Globe, June 24)

The West Papua Advocacy Team reports that a Brimob “sweep operation” has left several Papuans dead in recent days. The account states that homes have been raided and burned, and livestock killed. Hundreds of Papuans have been forced from their homes and sought refuge in surrounding forests, without access to food, shelter or medical care. Reportedly, seven young girls were taken hostage and raped by Brimob troops. At least five villages havebeen affected, as well as Mulia, the Puncak Jaya district capital. (ETAN, June 22)

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