India: ethnic violence in east, west

Five people, including a local militia jawan (infantryman), were killed May 31 in India’s eastern state of Manipur in fighting with the Kuki Revolutionary Army. The so-called “ultra” ethnic guerilla group apparently attacked a patrol of the 7th Manipur Rifles battalion at Gapizang in Senapati district. (PTI, June 1) Meanwhile in western Rajasthan state, at least five are dead after nomadic Gujjars clashed with Meena tribals in Dausa district. Police in Jaipur said Meenas attacked Gujjar protesters who were blocking a road, sparking a clash with rocks and bamboo staffs. Meenas are said to oppose the Gujjar’s demand to be recognized as a “Scheduled Tribe,” which would give them access to government jobs and other benefits. The Rajasthan government has issued “shoot-at-sight” orders to put down riots. (BBC, June 1; Zee News, June 2)

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