ICE raids Indiana oil refinery

On Dec. 10, ICE agents arrested 15 immigrants who were employed as contract janitorial workers at the BP oil refinery in the town of Whiting in northern Indiana. ICE said the arrests stemmed from “a two-year critical infrastructure worksite enforcement investigation that is continuing.” The 11 women and four men arrested on administrative immigration charges were all employed by United Building Maintenance (UBM) of Carol Stream, Illinois. One of the workers is from Guatemala; the others are from Mexico. All were expected to be placed into deportation proceedings. Each case is also being reviewed for possible criminal charges by the US Attorney’s Office, Northern District of Indiana. Two former UBM employees from Mexico were arrested by ICE earlier this year after they were discovered working without authorization at the BP refinery; they are currently facing criminal prosecution in the Northern District of Indiana. “BP Corporate Security has been fully cooperative in the investigation and has provided invaluable assistance to ICE,” according to an ICE news release. (ICE news release, Dec. 10)

From Immigration News Briefs, Dec. 28

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