Hundreds in Gaza rally in solidarity with Egypt

Hundreds of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip rallied Feb. 3 in solidarity with the uprising in Egypt. Marchers carried banners reading “People want the regime out” and “Down with Hosni Mubarak.” A student group distributed a statement calling on the UN to take action against the regime. “The massacre being carried out against protesters in Tahrir square warrants a decisive stance,” the statement said. It called on the international community to “respond immediately” to the crisis.

Police in Gaza broke up a smaller rally this week as did the Palestinian Authority government in Ramallah. Human Rights Watch called on the Palestinian Authority to end violence against demonstrators. “The Palestinian Authority should immediately make clear that its ‘state-building’ training of security forces does not include beating peaceful demonstrators,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, HRW’s Mideast chief. “The PA should take action against the responsible police officers, or the US and EU should find another use for their taxpayers. money.” (Ma’an News Agency, Feb. 3)

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