Honduras: National Resistance Front marches against repression

Thousands of adherents of the National Popular Resistance Front (FNRP) marched in the Honduran capital Tegucigalpa Feb. 25 to protest the slaying of civil resistance leaders under what they still consider to be the “de facto regime” of President Porfirio “Pepe” Lobo despite the change in government last month. The rally concluded in front of the National Congress building, where the march was blocked by a military cordon.

“The Honduran people are on the path of struggle against the dictatorship and day by day consolidating its organized response to the totalitarian regime that has been installed by force of arms to preserve the system of privileges that benefits exploitation and theft,” read an FNRP statement.

The march especially condemned the assassination of resistance activist Claudia Brizuela, 36, in an attack by unknown gunmen on her home in San Pedro Sula a day earlier. Brizuela was a leader of the San Pedro Sula municipal workers union, and the daughter of local FNRP director Pedro Brizuela.

Marchers also noted the recent assassinations of Vanessa Zepeda and Julio Funez. They further pledged to carry on the struggle for a new constitution, the issue that sparked the coup d’etat of last June 28. (ANSA, Italy, Rel-UITA, Uruguay, Feb. 26; AFP, Feb. 25)

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