Honduras: drug gang behind factory massacre?

Honduran police have blamed street gangs linked to Mexican drug cartels for the killing of at least 18 employees in a shoe factory in the northern industrial city of San Pedro Sula on Sept. 7. Up to four men armed with assault rifles burst into the factory and opened fire on the workers. All the victims were said to be young men. Several others were wounded. San Pedro Sula’s police chief, Hector Mejia, said the attack was part of an escalating dispute between the rival Mara Salvatrucha and Mara 18 gangs. “This massacre is linked to the drugs the gangs receive as payment from the Mexican and Colombian cartels for helping to move drugs through the country,” Mejia told Reuters. (BBC News, Reuters, Aug. 17)

Five years ago, Mara Salvatrucha was blamed for a massacre of passengers on a public bus in San Perdo Sula.

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