Honduras: another journalist assassinated

Honduran radio journalist Luz Marina Paz Villalobos and a driver identified as her cousin were killed Dec. 6 in a hail of bullets fired by men on two motorbikes as they sat in their car preparing to leave for work from her home in the San Francisco de Comayagüela district of Tegucigalpa. Paz, 38, hosted a morning program, “Three In The News,” broadcast on the Honduran News Channel, where she often discussed politics and drug trafficking, and had been an outspoken critic of the 2009 coup d’etat.

Human rights advocates say at least 23 journalists have been killed in Honduras since 2007—and 16 in the past two years. The Miami-based Inter American Press Association said Paz had received death threats from criminals to whom she had refused to pay extortion. (Sky News, Dec. 7; AP, La Prensa, San Pedro Sula, Dec. 6)

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