Hezbollah leader could get US military trial: report

US counter-terrorism officials have indicated that the administration of President Barack Obama is considering trying the former leader of Hezbollah in a military commission on US soil, the Associated Press reported Sept. 26. According to anonymous officials, the Obama administration is considering the controversial move because they believe that the best place to try Ali Mussa Daqduq is a US military base. Daqduq was captured in Iraq in 2007, where he is currently being held. He is linked to a raid in Karbala, which killed four US soldiers, and is believed to have ties to Iran. If a US military tribunal hears the case, it will mark the first time a military commission has been held on US soil since 9-11. If no decision is made by the end of the year, Daqduq must be transferred to the custody of Iraqi officials according to a 2008 agreement between the US and Bagdad. Some have suggested that Daqduq be tried at Guantánamo Bay as an alternative to a trial in the US.

From Jurist, Sept. 26. Used with permission.

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