Hawks fear anarchist haven in Syria


An analysis from the ultra-hawkish Henry Jackson Society sports this screenshot from a video announcing the formation of the International Revolutionary People's Guerrilla Forces (IRPGF), made up of foreign volunteers who have joined the leftist Kurdish forces in northern Syria. The piece warns that the Kurdish forces the US is backing are in an alliance with anarchists and elements of the Turkish and European armed left, regurgitating Turkey's cynical propaganda game of conflating the secular-democratic Kurdish forces and ISIS as equally "terrorist." The Henry Jackson Society (named for a reactionary US senator, although it is based in Britain) is an aggressively pro-intervention alliance of neocons and unreconstructed Cold War hawks. As pathological as this propaganda is, we find it both hilarious and heartening that they are suddenly so afraid of anarchists.

Photo: IRPGF via Henry Jackson Society

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