Guerrero: hydro-dam opponent arrested

Rodolfo Ch├ívez Galindo, a campesino leader active in the opposition to La Parota hydro-electric complex, was arrested by state police April 21 in the conflicted southern Mexican state of Guerrero, charged with the illegal detention of an engineer from the Federal Electric Commission (CFE) during a protest against the dam at the village of Oaxaquillas in July 2004. At the time of the protest, two others were arrested for the crime: Marco Antonio Su├ístegui of the Council of Ejidos and Communities in Opposition to la Parota (CECOP), and his comrade Francisco Hern├índez. Ch├ívez Galindo protested that the case had been closed, but police said the arrest orders against him were still in effect. Ch├ívez denied involvement in the alleged attack, and said that if the CFE wants to build La Parota, “they are not going to achieve it, much less by attacking the people who are in opposition.” (La Jornada, April 22)

A local opponent of La Parota was assassinated in 2005, and the cause has recently been taken up by the Zapatista rebels.

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