Guatemala intercepts narco-sub in 10-ton coke haul

The Guatemalan coast guard, with assistance from the US Navy, seized a small submarine carrying 10 tons of cocaine Oct. 22. Officials say the sub was operated by three Colombian and one Mexican citizens. A statement from the Guatemalan interior ministry said the sub was detained some 180 nautical miles off Puerto Quetzal in the south of Escuintla. It marks the first time a submarine filled with drugs has been apprehended by law enforcement in Guatemala, and may be the largest drug bust the country has seen.

The ministry says Guatemalan ships began tracking the vessel and requested backup from the US Navy and the Guatemalan air force. Narco-subs made from fiberglass and steel are believed responsible for nearly a third of all drugs that end up on US shores from South American waters. (AHN, Oct. 23; Reuters, Oct. 22)

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