Grand jury probes Posada Carriles

A year after he was arrested on immigration charges, Posada Carriles is being investigated by a federal grand jury–but the media are no longer paying attention. From our sibling journal Upside Down World, May 24:

Convicted terrorist Luis Posada Carriles is being investigated by an El Paso-based grand jury [Prensa Latina, May 22]. Carriles just celebrated a year of incarceration in El Paso’s Federal Immigration Detention Center. The investigation seems to be centered around how Carriles entered the US without a visa in March 2005.

Amazingly, as of May 24, 2006 only the Miami Herald [May 20] has picked up the Grand Jury story. This, despite the fact that Carriles is a known and self-proclaimed terrorist. It has now come to light that Carriles illegally entered the US with the knowledge of an FBI informant [Granma, April 26]. Carriles cover was blown on March 31, 2005 when a Miami radio station blasted that Carriles was in the US and intended to apply for political asylum.

Here’s a great back up link [AfroCubaWeb] to Posada Carriles’— sometime called “the Osama Bin Laden of Latin America.”

Note that he is being investigated on immigration charges, not terrorism!

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