Gitmo detainee pleads guilty to terror charges before military tribunal

Sudanese Guantánamo Bay detainee Noor Uthman Mohammed pleaded guilty before a military tribunal Feb. 16 to terrorism charges. Mohammed entered guilty pleas to one count of providing material support of terrorism and one count of conspiracy. The charges against him stem from supposed meetings with al-Qaeda and his service as a weapons instructor and manager at the Khaden military camp in Afghanistan, where hijackers and other members of al-Qaeda trained prior to the 9-11 attacks. Mohammed was charged in May 2008 and has been detained at Guantánamo since his capture in Pakistan in 2002. Prior to the plea agreement, the details of which have not been released, Mohammed faced life in prison if convicted. A jury, consisting of at least five US military officers will now be chosen to issue a sentence in the hearing, set to begin this week.

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From Jurist, Feb. 15. Used with permission.