French court stops expulsion of migrants on Mayotte


A court in the French overseas department of Mayotte on April 25 ordered the government to stop its expulsion of migrants in the island territory. In Operation Wuambushu, which means “Take Back” in the local Maore language, the government sought to dismantle a “slum” known as Talus 2 in the town of Koungou, removing a population of undocumented migrants and demolishing shelters. Talus 2 has seen repeated angry protests over the clearance plan. Mayotte is a transit point for migrants traveling from Comoros, a nearby archipelago off Southeast Africa. (Jurist, Le Journal de Mayotte)

Map via Wikimedia Commons

  1. France to revoke birthright citizenship on Mayotte

    French authorities announced a plan on Feb. 11 to amend the Constitution to revoke birthplace citizenship on the French Indian Ocean island of Mayotte. Mayotte has been struggling with social unrest, a severe water shortage, and what the citizens call a “violent migration crisis.” (Jurist)