FARC guerilla who killed “Ivan Rios” gets prison

The guerilla fighter who in 2008 killed “Ivan Rios,” one the FARC’s top commanders, has been sentenced to 31 years for kidnapping and rebellion, local media reported on Nov, 6. Pedro Pablo Montoya AKA “Rojas” was was convicted in the 2001 kidnapping of a farm owner from the Caldas department. The former guerrilla was also sentenced to pay a $170,000 compensation to the farm owner. “Rojas” was apprehended in March 2008 when he and his girlfriend surrendered to security forces delivering them the hand and the computer of his boss. A year after his surrender, the demobilized guerilla complained he felt betrayed by the authorities, who had put a reward on the head of Rios. (Colombia Reports, Nov, 7)

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