Evo Morales defends anti-imperialist allies

Bolivian President Evo Morales spoke out Aug. 3 in defense of his colleagues Rafael Correa of Ecuador and Hugo Chávez of Venezuela, saying the charges of their links to Colombia’s FARC guerillas are an “montage to discredit revolutionary presidents.” Last month, he likewise defended Guatemala’s Álvaro Colom against charges of involvement in the murder of lawyer Rodrigo Rosenberg, saying the country’s “oligarchy” of scheming to “invent a death” to create conflict. (EFE, Aug. 3)

Morales also spoke out on the coup in Honduras last month, saying: “Of course, in Honduras the empire is well involved, by means of the CIA and the Pentagon. I also have some non-confirmed information: that powerful narco-traffickers are involved in the coup d’etat in Honduras. (EFE, July 10)

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