Egypt bombs Libya —again?

Amid fierece fighting in Benghazi, AP cites unnamed "officials" as saying Egyptian warplanes have bombed Islamist positions in the eastern Libyan city. In the ongoing "Operation Dignity," led by renegade Gen. Khalifa Haftar, a tank assault is currently underway against an area of the city controlled by the 17 February Brigade, according to Libya Herald. Meanwhile in Tripoli, the Fajr Libya (Libyan Dawn) coalition, led by Islamist militia from Misrata, has seized government ministry buildings and now controls their websites. The website of Prime Minister Abdullah Thinni—who now sits with his cabinet in the eastern city of Bayda—shows the picture of the man the Misrata rebels have declared as prime minister, Omar al-Hasi. Libyan Dawn, now calling itself the National Salvation government, has also taken over the website of the National Oil Corp. (Reuters)

Two months ago, Egypt was accused of bombing Libyan Dawn positions in Tripoli.

  1. Libya: bombs target Egypt, UAE missions

    Amid sporadic fighting between Islamist militias and Libya's official armed forces, several bomb attacks were reported in the capital Tripoli against the embassies of Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. Both Egypt and the UAE have expressed strong support for the Libyan military against the Islamists. (VOA, Nov. 13)