Darfur and Zionist propaganda: our readers write

Our October issue featured the story “Save Darfur: Zionist Conspiracy?” by Ned Goldstein, exploring propaganda exploitation of the genocide in Sudan by Israel and US imperialism. A companion feature by WW4 REPORT Editor Bill Weinberg, “From Darfur to Mauritania,” noted the survival of slavery and persecution of Black African peoples across the entire Sahel region—while also noting how the region’s conflicts are exploited by rival multinational oil interests. The October Exit Poll was: “Should the UN intervene in Darfur, or is it all a Zionist/imperialist conspiracy for ‘regime change’ in Sudan?” We received the following responses:

From Laura Dawn Lewis, somewhere in cyberspace:

Nice job on the Darfur/Zionist article…and brave. I knew enough about it to know you were on target. Glad I found your site. Let me know your criteria on article submissions. Myself and others I work with do quite a bit on the Middle East, propaganda and issues. I can send you some links to recent/important articles we’ve done.

Bill Weinberg responds: Laura, we are always interested in new writers and material. Please send your links, and maybe we can work together.

From Kim Sky, Eugene, OR:

Exit Poll: Should the UN intervene in Darfur?

Something should be done!

Exit Poll: Is this a Zionist conspiracy?

NO, the Jewish Community Relations Council story — reminds me of another story: “Christians: We’ll fight for Israel“;

Exit Poll: Is this an imperialist conspiracy?

YES, as you’ve written, there are more than a few nations/corporations involved: the Chinese National Petroleum Company and US Special Forces (of course ?) … how does a very small, poor country survive in times like these ?

SLAVERY, i’m shocked!!! i had no idea that there were two countries in this world that practice genuine slavery.

EXERCISE, perhaps we all need to figure out where these places are on the map, THEN we’ll be able to understand what’s going on a little bit better…

(really just visit this little map… )

From JG, New York City:

“Should the UN intervene in Darfur, or is it all a Zionist/imperialist >conspiracy for ‘regime change’ in Sudan?”

The question could be: ‘can’ the UN intervene in Darfur? and the answer is probably no. But if they do, we can always blaim the Jews. Internationally the political climate is such that if two Arabs rob a gas station in Sweden there’s a chance they’ll blaim it on Zionist warcrimes in Palestine.

Do the Israelis have a more complicated agenda than purely humanitarian concerns? From the WW4 article I’d say yes but there is a humanitarian issue here.

Why is Arab racism ok and Zionist racism a crime? Why is Zionist racism encoded into Zionism and Arab racism taught in elementary schools? Why is there still slavery in 2006? I’d have answers for you but the price of gas is falling before the election so I’ll get back in January.

From Dennis Watts, somewhere in cyberspace:

I doubt if the UN would do any good intervening in Darfur. And then there’s the problem that the US is the UN, when it comes to military “intervention.” Sorry, but I think some of these nations are going to have to suffer their own consequences and grow up to be responsible citizens of their respective countries without the US constantly holding their hand, and sending our men/women home in body bags.

Bill Weinberg responds: Hmmm, maybe somebody should’ve said that to the Jews in World War II. Pat Buchanan seems to think so…

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