Czech neo-Nazis planned terror attacks, police abductions

The neo-Nazi organization White Justice has been preparing terrorist attacks and abductions of police officers and “highly positioned Jews” in the Czech Republic, the daily Mladá fronta Dnes (MfD) reported Nov. 6. At four “fight camps” inside the country, their members have been training in paramilitary tactics and setting cars on fire. MfD reports its sources for the information are a secret neo-Nazi website and the testimonies of the founding members of White Justice, Filip Stránský and Lukáš Sedláček.

The group also ran a “Red Watch” to monitor and target their “ideological enemies”—both in the police forces and on the anarchist left. MfD reports that police found plans for the hydroelectric station in Železný Brod during a search of the home of one of the group’s founders. (Romea, Prague, Nov. 6)

Lukáš Sedláček, a career member of the Czech military who is said to have co-founded White Justice, will be dismissed from the army, Defense Minister Martin Barták announced. Sedláček is believed to have overseen training at the paramilitary camps. (Romea, Nov. 6)

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