CounterVortex meta-podcast: Against exterminism


In Episode Three of the┬áCounterVortex podcast,┬áBill Weinberg┬áexpounds on the concept of the countervortex. Making note of the┬áBulletin of the Atomic Scientists‘ decision to advance┬áthe minute hand of its Doomsday Clock to two minutes of midnight, he┬ádiscusses the current global dilemma in light of EP Thompson‘s 1980 essay Notes on Exterminism, the Last Stage of Civilization, and Rosa Luxemburg‘s positing of humanity’s imminent future as either “socialism or barbarism.” What are the prospects for┬áresisting the global vortex of ecological collapse, totalitarianism and permanent war in the age of Trump and Putin? This is a question that goes beyond the personalities involved, and requires a profound critique of the underlying political economy that elevates such pathological personalities to the highest levels of power.┬áYou can listen on SoundCloud, and support our ongoing podcast┬ávia Patreon.

Music: The Fugs, “Four Minutes to Twelve

Production by Chris & William Rywalt

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