Continued protests rock Syria, Yemen, Egypt

Security forces killed at least four people and wounded dozens when they opened fire on protesters in the town of Douma, Syria, just outside Damascus, April 1. Authorities said worshippers emerged from Friday prayers at the city’s main mosque and began pelting security forces with stones. (Middle East Online, April 1) That same day, tens of thousands of rival demonstrators rallied in the streets of the Yemen‘s, Sana’a. Anti-government activists gathered outside Sana’a University to call for an immediate end to President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s 32-year rule. Supporters of the president gathered in Sabyeen square, chanting and waving Yemeni flags. In a speech to his supporters there, Saleh promised to “sacrifice my blood and soul” for the people of Yemen. (VOA, April 1) Tens of thousands of Egyptians meanwhile gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, issuing a call to “save the revolution.” The Youth Coalition Movement wants the country’s institutions purged of members of the former ruling National Democratic Party as well as the restitution of “the millions stolen from the people.” Protesters chanted “The people want to purify the country!” (Middle East Online, April 1)

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