Colombia: paramilitaries threaten pacifists

On May 29 and 30, the Medellín anti-militarist group Red Juvenil (Youth Network) received e-mail messages from the address redesnegras (at), reading “DEATH TO ANARCHISTS DISGUISED AS PACIFISTS, NO MORE COMMUNIST DRUG CONCERTS, NO MORE WARNINGS.” It named eight people associated with Red Juvenil, and was signed “GRUPO AGUILAS NEGRAS”. The Aguilas Negras (Black Eagles) are a paramilitary network which has survived the “demobilization” of the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC). The e-mail handle “redesnegras” means “black networks.” On May 17, Red Juvenil held a free rock concert in Medellín’s Parque Boston. Two days before that, the group’s office was broken into. (Red Juvenil statement, received via e-mail, June 6)

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