Colombia: FARC and ELN broach merger

In a statement released on the Internet, Colombia‘s two rebel guerilla armies, the FARC and ELN, announced they intend to unite. “Our only enemy is North American Imperialism and its oligarchic lackeys,” the statement said. The head of the Colombian armed forces, Gen Freddy Padilla, dismissed the news. “This alliance is impossible,” he said. “They dispute territory to control drug-trafficking and have killed one another in the south [of the departments of] Bolívar and Arauca.” (BBC News, Dec. 17)

The news comes as Colombia’s armed forces boasted another blow against the guerillas, reportedly killing Ruben García AKA “Danilo”, head of the FARC’s ninth front was killed along with his security detail in an air raid on their camp near San Roque, Antioquia department. “He was considered one of the toughest and bloodiest heads of this narco-terrorist group,” Defense Minister Gabriel Silva told reporters. (Reuters, Dec. 16)

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