Colombia extradites Valle Cartel kingpin

Colombia extradited top kingpin “Don” Diego Montoya, 47, to the US Dec. 12, where he faces charges of drug trafficking, money laundering and murder. Officials say he exported tons of cocaine and was responsible for killing at least 1,500 people in a two-decade career. With a $5 million US price on his head, Montoya was captured by the Colombian army at a finca in Zarzal, Norte del Valle department, in September 2007. Transfered to Bogotá by helicopter from his prison cell in Cómbita, Boyacá, Montoya was flown to Miami in a DEA plane. National Police chief Gen. Óscar Naranjo said the extradition “closes the chapter of the government’s offensive to dismantle the Norte del Valle cartel.” (El Tiempo, Bogotá; NYT, Dec. 12)

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