Colombia extradites Betancourt captor

FARC guerrilla Gerardo Antonio Aguilar AKA “César” was extradited to the US July 16 to face drug charges. “César” guarded hostages including Ingrid Betancourt before his arrest in July 2008. He was turned over to the DEA and flow to Washington after being transfered from his Bogotá prison to El Catam military airfield. César “was commander of the First Front of the FARC and in that position in charge of the production and distribution of cocaine to the United States,” Colombia’s Supreme Court stated in February when it ruled to allow his extradition.

Also arrested with Cesar in the operation that liberated Betancourt was Alexander Farfán Suarez AKA “Gafas”. The Supreme Court refused his extradition, stating that his crimes were committed within Colombian jurisdiction. (Colombia Reports, July 16)

The US Justice Department requested the extradition of both men soon after their capture.

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