Colombia: congressman takes case against Uribe to World Court

Colombian congressman Iván Cepeda Aug. 17 presented a case against former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe for slander to the International Criminal Court (ICC). The complaint regards comments made by Uribe in 2002 in which he accused the inhabitants of the San José de Apartadó peace community, along with Jesuit Priest Javier Giraldo, of colluding with left-wing guerrillas. Following the accusations, 20 members of the peace community were murdered.

Colombian Congress investigated the accusations against Uribe, but the then-president was absolved of any wrongdoing. Cepeda, a member of leftist political party Polo Democratico, requested copies of documents pertaining to the investigation and submitted them to the ICC to be examined. (Colombia Reports, Aug. 18)

Colombia has already received warnings from the International Criminal Court.

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