Ciudad Juárez: massacre targets high school kids

Gunmen burst into a party and killed 14 high school students Jan. 31 in Ciudad Juárez. The assailants jumped out of sport utility vehicles, entered the house near the US border, where the students were celebrating a birthday and victory in a local American Football championship, and began killing them one by one. (Reuters, KVIA, El Paso, NM, Jan. 31)

The 24 hours before the massacre had been one of the most violent on record in the conflicted border city, with 15 killed at various places. Juárez police found two severed heads near blanket-wrapped bodies Jan. 30.

In Michoacán state Jan. 29, authorities found the decapitated bodies of six men, and a group of gunmen attacked a federal police convoy, killing five officers. On Jan. 28, gunmen in the Michoacán town of Quiroga killed the police chief and two officers; a head had been dumped in the town the day before. (San Diego Union-Tribune, Jan. 31)

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