Chile: Mapuche leader arrested

Jorge Huenchullan, a Mapuche leader detained Feb. 17 in a violent police operation in Temucuicui, Chile, was transfered to Algol prison after a court in Collipulli declared him a fugitive from justice. The court cited an outstanding arrest order against Huenchullan for an alleged attack on Jaime Andrade, former director of the National Indigenous Development Corporation. He was also accused theft of property from local landowner Rene Urban, whose lands are protected by police forces. Another two activists were detained with Huenchullan—Cristian Calhueque Millanao, 25, and Alex San Martin Huaiquillan, 19, both accused of illegal possession of firearms. They remain free, but are barred from leaving the region and must register with the police every 30 days. (Prensa Latina, Feb. 19. via GALDU)

A statement from the Mapuche political prisoner support group Marrichiweu noted Huenchullan’s March 2006 arrest in an arson attack on Rene Urban’s property, calling him the victim of a “racist and xenophobic policy,” and labelling Chile the “Israel of Latin America.” (Marrichiweu, March 10, 2006 via IMC Chile Sur)

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