Chad: UN Security Council condemns rebel offensive

The UN Security Council May 8 condemned an offensive by armed groups battling Chadian government government forces in the east of the country. The statement urged the rebels to stop fighting, saying “any attempt at destabilization of Chad by force is unacceptable.” Chad says nearly 250 have been killed in the last two days of fighting between its security forces and guerillas from the Union of Resistance Forces (UFR).

The Security Council also voiced “concern at the external support received by Chadian armed groups”—although it did not specifically accuse Sudan. The council also urged the warring parties to respect the Doha peace agreement signed earlier this week. (BBC News, May 8)

Chad was not so subtle in its own statement. Said Chad’s government spokesman Mahamat Hissene: “While the ink on the Doha accord was not yet dry, Khartoum sent several armed columns into our country. In launching this programed aggression against Chad, the Sudanese regime has reneged on its signature in Doha.” (Reuters, May 5)

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