Bush protested at Lima APEC summit

The leaders of the 21 nations of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) met in Lima over the weekend, where George Bush continued to push free-trade prescriptions—prompting demonstrations at the US Embassy, where protesters in black hoods and orange jumpsuits representing Guatánamo detainees chanted “¡Bush fascista, tú eres el terrorista!” (Bush, fascist; you are the terrorist!). A large banner at the head the protest read in Spanish, “APEC is hunger and unemployment.” (La Nación, Chile, Nov. 24)

Hundreds of laid-off workers and trade unionists in conflict with local and foreign companies, chiefly in the textile sector, also marched during the APEC summit. The peaceful demonstration in Dos de Mayo plaza was completely surrounded by a heavy presence of police in full riot gear. The demonstrations were convened by the Political and Social Coordinator (CPS), an umbrella of community organizations, labor and student groups, and
leftist parties and movements. (IPS, Nov. 21)

Cuba’s veteran leader Fidel Castro and Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez each issued statements rejecting the APEC summit’s proposed solutions. “I do not hesitate to express my solidarity with the position of Chávez when I affirm that I am not in agreement with the prescriptions from Lima,” wrote Castro in an article on the website CubaDebate. “We will continue to observe the development of events, demanding rights without getting on our knees.” (RPP, Peru, Nov. 23)

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