Bogus ‘anti-war’ responses to Ghouta chemical attack


In the wake of the chemical attack on Eastern Ghouta that has left some 150 dead, with the toll still rising as we write, you can already anticipate the depraved, cowardly responses from "anti-war" (sic) voices. The following propaganda tactics are certain to be employed: 1. "False flag." Funny how the rebels have so much poisonous gas yet they only ever seem to use it against themselves—even as the attacks come amid massive Assad-Putin bombardment of the same locales. 2. "Not our problem." This response is an exercise in imperial narcissism which makes every question about "us." If you have greater outrage for whatever military action Trump takes in response to this attack than you do for the attack itself, there is something seriously wrong with your moral compass. 3. "But what about Gaza?" Amnesty International calls this tactic "Whataboutery." When you talk about Syria, you have to talk about Syria, and not immediately change the subject. Those who use Gaza as a distraction from Ghouta are exploiting dead Palestinians. 4. "The CIA stirred up trouble, so Assad isn't to blame." File this one under "blame the victim." Even if the Syrian Revolution was CIA astroturf (which is ahistorical baloney), it would in no sense justify mass murder and chemical attacks. 5. "The rebels are all al-Qaeda." Again, irrelevant even if it were true—which it is not. Justifying acts of genocide as necessary to counterinsurgency against a demonized enemy is the logic of Guernica and My Lai.

Image: Syria Solidarity Campaign

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