Basque march for amnesty attacked by police

Spanish high court judge Baltasar Garzón ordered preventive detainment Sept. 11 for Juan Mari Olano, leader of the Askatasuna prisoner support organization who was arrested during an illegal demonstration at San Sebastián in the Basque country two days earlier. Olano is charged with “membership of the ETA-EKIN terrorist organisation through the Askatasuna structure” as well as inciting “kale borroka” street violence during the banned march. The march, organized to demand amnesty for imprisoned ETA activists and self-determination for the Basque region, was held in defiance of an order banning it by the Basque regional government. It ended in violent clashes with riot police, who opened fire on the marchers with rubber bullets. Nine people, including Olano, were arrested and 11 injured, including one police officer. (EuskalInfo, Sept. 11; ThinkSpain, Sept. 10; Typically Spanish, Sept. 9)

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