Anti-Semitic killings in Uzbekistan

This is not the first anti-Semitic killing in Uzbekistan this year. Yet a Google News search for the story reveals only this account from the vile Arutz Sheva (June 9), voice of the Israeli settler movement. Why is that?

Jewish leaders in the former Soviet Union suspect that anti-Semitism was behind the murder of the secretary of a rabbi and her mother in Tashkent, the major city in Uzbekistan.

The two were found dead in their apartment. The 20-year-old woman, Karina Rivka Loiper, was active in the Tashkent Jewish community and was secretary to regional chief Rabbi Avraham Gurevich.

A community Jewish spokesman said police have revealed no details on the murder. Earlier this year, a leader of the Jewish community was murdered in a Tashkent market, and the Islamic Jihad two years ago attacked Jewish sites, including the Israeli embassy, in Tashkent, killing two workers and a policeman.

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