Another slow news day in Iraq

Well, the suicide minivan atttack on the Shi’ite town of Musayyib Nov. 2 that killed 20 and injured 60 (AP, Nov. 3) failed to rate even a mention on the front page of the next day’s NY Times. It was only referenced deep on page 12—albeit in a story that jumped from the first page on the Iraqi regime’s overture to the purged junior officers of Saddam’s army to return to posts in the reconstituted military. (NYT, Nov. 3) Particularly perverse is that these bloody atttacks are continuing through Eid ul-Fitr, the holy day marking the end of Ramadan. Remember how aghast all us lefties—including this blog—were that the US continued to bomb Afghanistan through Ramadan in 2001? Well, we have no regrets at our protests—but we are also appalled that the poorly-named “anti-war” movement has no outrage to spare for these atrocities, and that certain segments of the idiot left continue to act as if al-Qaeda were the Viet Cong. See our last post on Iraq.