Afghan girls targeted in suspected gas attack —again

Dozens of schoolgirls in Afghanistan were hospitalized May 11 after two apparent poisonous gas attacks on schools, officials said, the latest in a spate of similar incidents. Thirty schoolgirls in the northern city of Kunduz and six in Kabul are hospitalized, with health officials reporting more coming in. One of the girls taken ill in Kunduz said she saw a man in black clothes and face mask throw a bottle near the school, which released a foul-smelling fume. Three suspected poison gas attacks on girls’ schools have taken place in Kunduz over the past few weeks; last week 22 schoolgirls and three teachers fell ill when their school was struck. The Taliban have denied responsibility. (Reuters, May 11)

Last year saw a wave of acid attacks on schoolgirls in Kandahar.

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