The Andes

Colombia: injured GM workers continue fight

Injured GM workers are still trying to get compensation and new jobs, while Chiquita continues to deny any responsibility for murders by the paramilitaries it paid off.

Greater Middle East

Egypt court bans Muslim Brotherhood

An Egyptian court banned the Muslim Brotherhood and ordered its assets confiscated as part of the military government’s crackdown on the group.


Supertankers to Ply the Great White Slushie

by Michael I. Niman, ArtVoice

Global warming has triggered an array of environmental feedback loops, such as one starting with the melting of permafrost, which exposes frozen bogs, unleashing ancient methane—a greenhouse gas with 20 times the climate impact of carbon dioxide—whose subsequent increase in the atmosphere accelerates warming, causing more permafrost to melt, exposing more bogs, releasing more methane.
While the speed at which some of these environmental loops have kicked in has caught scientists by surprise, predictions of their emergence has long been central to climate science. Less predictable, however, are the insane human behavior feedback loops, where the warming climate triggers a self-destructive pathological greed within corporate culture, ultimately driving humans to find new ways to accelerate climate destruction, and ultimately, the destruction of their own societies.

Romania: protest wave against mega-mine

Thousands of Romanians have been occupying Bucharest to protest plans by Canadian firm Gabriel Resources to establish Europe's biggest open-pit gold mine at Rosia Montana.