North Africa

Mali: final bid to avoid intervention?

Mali’s government is in talks with Islamist rebels who control the country’s north, while Gen. Carter Ham in Washington warned that al-Qaeda has established a haven in the country.

Greater Middle East

Amnesty: human rights ‘catastrophe’ in Yemen

A report by Amnesty International documents a "raft of gross and deeply disturbing abuses" committed by both Islamist rebels and government forces in the battle for southern Yemen.


by Bill Weinberg, High Times

Recent headlines from Honduras give an uneasy sense of deja vu for the bad old days of the 1980s, when the US and its local proxy forces waged brutal counter-insurgency wars across Central America.
Residents of Ahuas village, on the remote Miskito Coast, took to the streets May 11 to protest a deadly military-style drug raid, demanding the US DEA leave their territory—and putting government offices to the torch to make their point. Miskito Indian leaders issued a statement declaring the DEA persona non grata in the territory.

The Caribbean

Haiti: one killed in infrastructure protest

One resident was killed by police and three were wounded in protests that broke out in the city of Jérémie after a Brazilian company pulled out of a highway repair project.

Central America

Honduras: another campesino murdered in Aguán

The number of dead in the violence over the three years since the land disputes broke out in the Aguán region of Honduras is now about 90, the great majority of them campesinos.

The Andes

Peru’s cabinet in bid to save Conga project

Peru’s government urged opponents of the Conga minig project to return to the dialogue table, as protesters set up an encampment at the Lima offices of Newmont Mining.

The Amazon

Ecuador: indigenous protests as oil blocs sold

Indigenous protesters blocked Quito’s Marriott Hotel, where a major sale of Amazon oil blocs was underway. Riot police and military troops were brought in to clear the blockade.