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SANA TV is the satellite television station of the Iraq Freedom Congress.

SANA TV is the most powerful tool to amplify the voice of freedom, peace and equal rights of all people in Iraq and the Middle East.

SANA TV gives voice to those who have no voice in Iraq, including women, children, workers and innocent victims of the occupation and terrorism.

SANA TV is the voice of civil society, secularism and human rights in a country which has been pushed systemically into a sectarian civil war. It is the voice of millions who want a human identity for Iraq.

SANA TV builds bridges between Iraqis inside Iraq and abroad who stood against the war on Iraq. It survives due to the tireless work of volunteers in Iraq, the UK and Japan. Our daily work of broadcast, filming, research, and news coverage needs your support. No matter how much it is, it will make a difference. Donations can be made through the Iraq Freedom Congress:

SANA TV can be watched on Satellite: Hotbird 8- Orbital Position: 13 degrees East- Transponder: 14- Downlink Frequency: 11 470- Downlink Polarity: Vertical- FEC: 5/6- Symbol Rate: 27,500. It is broadcast in Arabic, English, Kurdish and in Japanese on the Peacetv website.

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