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Trump: drug war general to Homeland Security

Gen. John Kelly, Trump's choice for Homeland Security secretary, is ex-chief of the Pentagon's Southern Command who clashed with Obama over his hardline views.

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Peru: new effort against Shining Path remnants

Peru's new defense minister, Jorge Nieto Montesinos, announced that he will focus on wiping out remnant Shining Path guerillas operating in the country's main coca-producing region.

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Peru elections: ‘dangerous farce’?

Far-right Keiko Fujimori is headed for the second round in a Peruvian presidential race so marked by controversies and irregularities that The Economist calls it a "dangerous farce."

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Peru: protests as US military forces arrive

Angry protesters took to the streets of Lima as 3,000 US troops arrived in Peru for an anti-drug "training mission" in the country's coca-growing jungle zones.

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Peru: army claims rescue of Sendero slaves

Peru's army announced that it had "rescued" 39 people—the majority indigenous Asháninka and 26 of them underage—who were held captive in Sendero Luminoso camps.

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Peru: Sendero links to Colombian cartel claimed

Peru's authorities claim to have evidence that the neo-Senderistas are in league with a re-organized Colombian cocaine cartel, ironically known as the "Cafeteros" (coffee-producers).

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US troops to Peru’s coca zone

A force of US Marines has been mobilized to Peru's conflicted coca-growing jungle region, the Valley of the Apurímac and Ene Rivers, to assist in interdiction efforts.

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Peru declares no-fly zone over coca valley

Peru announced a no-fly zone over the conflicted coca-producing region known as the VRAE—reviving a controversial policy that claimed innocent lives 14 years ago.

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Peru: new ops against ‘narco-senderistas’

Peru's National Police stepped up operations against "narco-senderistas"—surviving remnants of the Shining Path that control cocaine production in two remote pockets of jungle.

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Shining Path leaders indicted in US court

Three leaders of Peru's Shining Path guerrilla movement, two still at large, were indicted in a US district court in New York on charges of "narco-terrorism conspiracy."