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Colombia: cocaine mega-busts keep coming

Amid moves toward peace in Colombia, the goad of the war—the country's lucrative cocaine trade—clearly remains robust, as record-breaking hauls are reported.

Central America

Militarized anti-narco raids in Honduras

Security forces in Honduras carried out raids on suspected narco-gang safe-houses at various locations, bringing out helicopters and heavy weaponry.

The Andes

Peru’s most-wanted nabbed in Colombia

Gerson Adair Gálvez Calle AKA "Caracol" (The Snail), Peru's most wanted fugitive drug lord, was arrested by Colombian National Police at a shopping center in Medellín.

The Andes

Colombia to resume glyphosate spraying

Colombia's Defense Ministry announced that it will resume use of glyphosate to eradicate coca crops—less than a year after suspending the program on cancer concerns.

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DEA sees Hezbollah link to Colombian cartel

The DEA claims that Shi'ite militant group Hezbollah is laundering money for the "Oficina de Envigado,"  successor organization to Colombia's legendary Medellín Cartel.

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Colombia: peace talks with ELN guerillas?

Colombia's government says it hopes to extend the peace process to the ELN guerillas—and claims to have identified the remains of their revered founder, Camilo Torres.

The Andes

Colombia: paramilitary threat to peace seen

As the war between the Colombian state and the FARC guerillas winds down, conflict is escalating with right-wing paramilitaries in the north, leaving hundreds displaced.

The Andes

Peru: Sendero links to Colombian cartel claimed

Peru's authorities claim to have evidence that the neo-Senderistas are in league with a re-organized Colombian cocaine cartel, ironically known as the "Cafeteros" (coffee-producers).